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Vodcast Help

Streaming Video

This is the FASTEST link to the video, but will not store the file on your computer for future viewing. You will be required to have an internet connection the entire time you are watching the video. 

Our videos are now hosted by YouTube with no ads, no "previews", and better streaming performance. Some are even available in HD! 

Streaming Videos should function in all major browsers and mobile YouTube applications.

Hi Resolution Downloads

Due to the size of the high resolution downloads, we are no longer hosting them for direct download to your computer. Additionally, this ensures that if and when videos are updated, users are always provided with the latest version of the video. If you have a need for the high resolution download for a particular video or series, you may send an email to requesting a link to download the video. Please include the following in your request:

  • Your Name
  • Your Agency/Company affiliation
  • Your email address (if different from the sending account)
  • Which videos or series you would like
  • What the intended use is (reason you need download copies)

Pleae note that download videos will likely be delivered via link from a Google Drive account and may require a free Google login to access. Additionally, download copies may take 2-3 business days to process. 

The download versions are deliverd as a .ZIP file. Expand the .ZIP file to access the .MOV file.

.MOV files require a compatible viewer for playback. We recommend Apple Quicktime, which is available as a free download. This software generally comes standard on Macs but may need to be installed on PCs. (Click the link: for free Quicktime software)

Alternatively, you may chose to use a YouTube downloader software to capture the video yourself from a streaming version.

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