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The World Health Organization declared Guinea free of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) as of December 29,
2015. Given the significant wane in EVD earlier this year and this new announcement, the New York
State Department of Health will no longer be monitoring travelers from Africa from this point forward.

Therefore, effective immediately, 911 Centers and EMS providers are no longer required to routinely
inquire on a callers/patients travel history.

Particularly as we enter flu season, every patient should still be assessed for the presence of cough,
fever, or flu-like symptoms and appropriate PPE precautions taken accordingly. Those with fever,
cough, or flu-like symptoms should still be asked about any recent travel, as such information is an
important part of their history and your risk stratification for any emerging infectious diseases.

The State Health Commissioner’s Orders from October 2014 are still in place, however they have been
subsequently modified such that training is required at the time of hire and then on an annual, and not
monthly basis (see Attached). All other aspects of the Commissioner’s Order remain in place.



File NameUpload Date
Advisory 15-15 Travel Screening for EVD 12/30/2015 8:38:20 AM
Resource Links - Map of Affected Areas in Africa 1/12/2015 12:41:16 PM
Protocols - EVD Law Enforcement Screening Algorithm 1/12/2015 12:34:06 PM
Protocols - EVD First Responder Screening Algorithm 1/12/2015 12:33:25 PM
Protocols - EVD EMS Screening Algorithm 1/12/2015 12:32:56 PM
Advisory 15-01 Updated EVD - Removal of Mali 1/12/2015 12:30:22 PM
Advisory 14-18 UPDATED EVD Protocol - Mali 12/10/2014 5:13:10 AM
Protocols - Ebola Virus Disease EMS Response Plan 12/8/2014 11:21:36 AM
Resource Links - EMS Planning Considerations 11/18/2014 10:13:21 AM
Resource Links - Considerations for Safe EMS Transport of Patients Infected with Ebola Virus. Prehospital Emergency Care 2014 11/17/2014 7:49:36 AM
Protocols - MLREMS Ebola Transport Unit Designation 11/10/2014 5:27:34 AM
Protocols - EVD Treatment Algorithm 11/10/2014 5:25:20 AM
Advisory 14-17 UPDATED EVD Response Plan 11/10/2014 5:24:56 AM
Guidelines - Commissioners Ebola Order Attachment A 10/22/2014 10:37:29 AM
Guidelines - Commissioners Ebola Order 10/22/2014 10:37:23 AM
Protocols - EVD Patient Transport (Interfacility) 10/22/2014 9:28:34 AM
Resource Links - CDC Key Message - Ebola 10/21/2014 12:38:13 PM
Resource Links - HCS - User Account Set Up 10/21/2014 6:42:34 AM
Guidelines - CDC - Personal Protective Equipment Overview 10/17/2014 10:53:47 AM
Guidelines - EMS Checklist for Ebola Preparedness 10/17/2014 10:51:15 AM
Advisory 14-11 EVD 10/17/2014 10:42:11 AM
Advisory 14-15 EVD Preparedness 10/17/2014 10:36:09 AM
Advisory 14-13 EVD Update 10/17/2014 10:30:04 AM
Advisory 14-14 PPE 10/17/2014 10:01:02 AM
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Resource Links


CDC Guidance on PPE

CDC Interim Guidance EMS Systems and 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points

CDC Detailed EMS Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

CDC Guidance on Medical Waste Management

New York State

NYS DEC Guidance on Medical Waste Management


Presentation by Dr. Isakov on EMS Transport and Care of Patients Ill with EVD

Additional Resources

AMR Ebola Website