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If you have recommendations for protocol changes, or suggestions for new protocols, please fill out our survey.


Please read all of the directions before completing the protocol update.


The New York State EMS Collaborative Protocols are now available. These protocols are effective immediately for all Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS providers upon completion of the required training.  Instructions on how to complete this process are included below.

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The 2019 NYS EMS Collaborative Protocols have been updated to be consistent with the Statewide BLS Protocols and are effective immediately.  All providers are required to complete the following update prior to December 31, 2019.


Before completing the Protocol Update, Providers are expected to update and/or install the Smartphone App developed specifically for the Collaborative Protocols. Those Apps can be found at the following locations:


NYS EMS Collaborative Protocols (iPhone)          NYS EMS Collaborative Protocol (Android)


New York State has contracted with Cypherworx to distribute content. Providers that have an existing Cypherworx account will NOT need to create a new account for NYS. However, all providers are required to log in to the NYS site so their existing account can be linked. Given there are few changes in the protocols for MLREMS providers, we have worked with NYS to streamline the update process as much as possible for the provider. 


If you previously completed a MLREMS Collaborative Protocol Update, you are required to complete the following two courses:


  • 2019 NYS BLS Adult and Pediatric Protocol Regional Update (short module ~ 15 minutes)
  • MLREMS Affirmation of NYS Protocol Completion (~10 minutes)


If you have not previously completed a MLREMS Collaborative Protocol Update effective the date of this Advisory, you are required to complete the following course:


  • 2019 NYS BLS Adult and Pediatric Protocol Update (~ 90 minutes)


For instructions on how to create your NYS Cypherworx account or linking your existing account to the NYS Cypherworx account, please see the document "NYS Cypherworx Account Instructions" listed below.


For a summary that highlights the protocol changes for BLS and ALS providers, please see the document "Protocol Differences 2017 vs 2019 (MLREMS)" listed below. 


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