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CME Vodcasts

NEW Continuing Medical Education Policy Announcement


As the Division of Prehospital Medicine transitions from website based video versions of CME to the Cypherworx learning management system, there will be a limited number of CME exams available to providers each month. We currently subscribe for 100 exams per month, and that number renews on the 20th of each month. Depending on the variability of the volume to our site, it is possible that an exam will not be immediately available for you to take upon completion of a video CME. Should that occur, please feel free to return after the exam subscription renews, or simply have your agency training director issue CME directly to you based on their review of the material.


Additionally, and as a courtesy to your fellow providers, do NOT repeatedly take exams after achieving a ‘passing score’ in order to obtain a better score. If your agency requires scores higher than those established by the Division of Prehospital Medicine, please contact our office to make other arrangements. Providers found to be abusing this privilege will be removed from our system and excluded from taking additional CME exams.


We appreciate your understanding as we transition the current content and develop new and exciting content for your continued CME needs.


Welcome to MLREMS Continuing Mobile Education

As easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 - WATCH

Choose a topic you want to learn about and watch all of the episodes in the group. There are multiple topics available. There is a list of topics below - just pick one and you're off and running!

Step 2 - QUIZ

Complete the online quiz using the link at the bottom of each block. For each group of episodes, there is a combined quiz. You will need to watch all of the episodes in order to complete the quiz. The quiz is an online quiz with randomized questions and answers. It will be scored immediately upon completion. 

Step 3 - PRINT 

Print your certificate for CME credit. 


Need more HELP or looking for download versions?



 TopicsNumber of EpisodesCME Hours
Communication 4 1
Polypharmacy 4 1
End Of Life Issues 4 1
Assessment 4 1
Psychosocial Issues 4 1
Procedures 3 0.75
Safety & the Older Adult 4 1
Respiratory Issues in the Older Adult 4 1
Geriatric Trauma 4 1
Cardiology 4 1
Pacemakers 4 1
 TopicsNumber of EpisodesCME Hours
Assessment 4 1
Respiratory Issues 4 1
Special Considerations 4 1
Seizures 4 1
Pain Management 2 0.5
Neonatal Resuscitation 4 1
Croup: EMS Perspective 1 0.5
Patient Care Procedures
 TopicsNumber of EpisodesCME Hours
Life Threatening Hemorrhage Control 2 0.5
Pelvic Immobilization Devices 1 0.5
Orogastric Tube Insertion 1 0.5
BLS Medication Administration 3 1
Patient Handoff 1 0.5
Special Patient Populations
 TopicsNumber of EpisodesCME Hours
Mental Hygiene Arrest (MHA) 4 1
Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS) 3 1
Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD) 5 1
Total Artificial Heart 1 0.5
Avulsed Tooth (no CME) 1 0.5
Cyanokit Review - Part I 1 0.5
Cyanokit Review - Part II (Advanced Providers) 1 0.5