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SCT & APP Program

The Monroe-Livingston Region’s Advanced Practice and Specialty Care Transport (SCT) Paramedic Programs provide a set of expectations and process for the training, credentialing, clinical care, and quality improvement for the management of patients who will benefit by treatments and/or management of conditions for which initial paramedic education may be limited and/or state ALS Protocols are silent or limited in providing clinical guidance.

MLREMS Advanced Practice Paramedics are credentialed at the agency level using regional best practices and who, with additional training and meeting established competency for the individual skill, may manage one or more of the following: The continuation of blood products, and the management of chest tubes, and infusions and transport ventilators in select patients. The MLREMS Advanced Practice Paramedic Credentialing policy can be found below, as well as other resources such as clinical guidelines, education, and competency assessments.

MLREMS Specialty Care Transport (SCT) Paramedics are credentialed at the regional level following Flight Paramedic or Critical Care Transport certification and successful completion of a competency-based program administered by the Division of Prehospital Medicine at the University of Rochester. SCT Paramedics are provided with advanced training and scope of practice to safely manage complex critically ill patients undergoing interfacility transport. The MLREMS Specialty Care Transport Paramedic Credentialing policy can be found below, as well as other materials such as clinical guidelines and practice resources.


SCT protocols are available for download on the Protocol Tab.