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Communicating with the Deaf

The University of Rochester has created some tools to aid you in communicating with the Deaf.  There is a short training video as well as a few links to documents on printing the communication tool either professionally or on your own at your agency.


This training was developed by Dr. Jason Rotoli, Deaf Health Pathways Director, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in conjunction with Dr. Jeremy Cushman, Chief of the University of Rochester’s Division of Prehospital Medicine. Funding for the Care of the Culturally Deaf education was provided by Society of Academic Emergency Medicine. Continuing Education provided by EMSPlumbline.


Click Here to view the training and receive continuing education credit.  This link will redirect you to EMSPlumbline's Open Access Training tab in which you will need to create an account, however no fee is collected for this course.  If you already have a Cypherworx (Collabornation) account, log in with that account.  The one hour course counts for 0.1 CEU under the Non-Core Content (Additional) category at either the ALS or BLS level.


If you do not wish to get continuing education credit by creating an account, Click Here to view the training.